The mydata project

June 21st, 2011

Announcements have come out recently regarding new projects from the government around the slogan “Better choices, better deals” to support better customer experience, through transparent customer information. This is exciting as it shows how the government, as well as businesses, are now realising that it is through giving control to information to the customers (i.e., the users) that we can build a better, more reliable and more transparent experience. At the core of the initiative is the mydata project which goal can be summarised by the sentence: “giving back customer data to customers”. To a large extent UCIAD can be seen as an experiment in this direction, proposing to deliver activity data to the users (i.e., customers) of large organisations. We certainly share the same hypothesis that, as expressed by Nigel Shadbolt (chair of the MyData project), customers/users getting back their information can help make organisations/businesses “more accountable”, “more efficient” and able to build “new kinds of services”.

Of course, it is still unclear at this stage what will be the concrete outcomes of the mydata project. Great challenges have to be tackled both from a technological point of view (in what format should data be provided to customers? How to ensure reusability? How to deal with heterogeneity?) and from the societal point of view (What are the privacy/security implications? How to enforce “user-centric data provision” policies in businesses? How to spread the benefit equally amongst users?). We hope that our experience with UCIAD (and beyond, with the work building on UCIAD we are planning to do) will contribute to such exciting new approaches to activity/customer data.

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  1. UCIAD » Blog Archive » Licensing & reuse of software and data Says:

    [...] The issue with licensing data in UCIAD is actually even more complicated: what licence to apply to data exported for a particular user? The ownership of the data is not even clear in this case. It is data collected and delivered by our systems, but that are produced out of the activities of the user. We believe that in this case, a particular type of license, that give control to the user on the distribution of their own data, but without opening it completely, is needed. This is an area that we will need to put additional work on, with possibly useful results coming out of the mydata project. [...]

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