Personal Activity Data: Another Project

March 21st, 2012

UCIAD is about the integration and analysis of activity data originating from the logs of different websites of an organization, using the knowledge the organization has about these websites to provide users with ways to analyze their own online interactions with the organization. In another project called DATAMI (funded by the IKS Project), we are investigating how activity data from the whole Web traffic generated by a user can be semantically analyzed to extract ‘entities’ of interest to the user, in a “personal, semantic web history dashboard”.

A first, preliminary (video) demo of this application has been released today, that show the potential of the technologies developed in this project:

This result is of course not dissimilar to the video produced at the end of phase 1 of UCIAD, and clearly, the user-study we are currently setting-up for phase 2 will provide valuable results also for the DATAMI project.