The UCIAD User Study: Report

August 14th, 2012

Our goal for the second phase of the UCIAD project was to investigate, through a user study, how people would actually use their own activity data if they were to get access to it and how such access would impact on the organisation that has been collecting the data. We achieved that by building a a technical architecture, collecting data from Open University log systems and exposing them to the corresponding users, through a compelling interface. We collected reactions and thoughts from the users through individual interviews, questionnaires and a “focus group” meeting confronting the varying ideas and opinions about the overall notion of user-centric activity data (or as we might call them, in a simpler way, consumer activity data).

The results of this user study, together with more details on the methodology we employed and the technical platform are now summarised in a complete, self-contained report:

Consumer Activity Data: Usages and Challenges

This report is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution and the source code of most of the technological platform is available as open source software.